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    My Product Model Success Guide: PHOTOS

    This 5-star reviewed book is a fast and easy way to learn how to achieve the best possible e-commerce photos for your brand. It will help you avoid big pitfalls, and wasted time and money while providing you valuable information to create the best photos for your needs.


    Top Guide To Winning A Pageant and Becoming A Beauty Queen

    Authored by accomplished multiple title holder, Daisi Pollard Sepulveda, To Be A Queen covers the ins and outs of breaking into the pageant system, gaining notoriety, sponsorships and building an influential network.

    Discover 7 Hidden Traps Gatekeepers Tell Models

    Dreams don’t work unless you do. So many people believe in the fallacy of being “Discovered”. Most aspiring models think that in order to be successful you have to be “Discovered” but that only gets you caught in a vicious cycle of dead ends and traps. Learn how gatekeepers deter you from achieving your dream career by upholding the vail of being discovered. Take charge of your career right now.

    #1 Fast and Effective Guide to Getting Started as a Model

    Starter Model is the #1 Fast and Effective Guide to Getting Started as a Model. The modeling industry has drastically changed from a business that solely relied on agencies to scout, groom, market and supply models to clients. In todays tech driven world, how a model enters the business, gains clients, exposure and builds a career has decentralized from the agency. Starter Model delivers time relevant steps and advice on how to market yourself and book paying clients from day one.

    A Story of Texas Cattle and Oil

    The setting for this eventful novel is the Texas of 1950’s with its spacious plains, herds of cattle and hidden wealth of black gold. Against a colorful panorama of ranch life there transpires a turbulent story of intrigue - with no holds barrred - and of staunch loyalty between cowboy and employer.

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