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    DAISI JO REVIEWS is a lifestyle blog property featuring curated product and service reviews in the categories of beauty, fashion, business, home, fitness, tech , food and travel. Daisi Jo Reviews features verticals including a Youtube channel, Instagram Accounts, Pinterest, Facebook and Periscope.

    MENINGITIS HEALTH is a site dedicated to providing health and wellness support for people who are suffering from side effects as a result of meningitis. Meningitis Health’s article posts and broadcast delivers nutrition, exercise and wellness tips for common side effects after being diagnosed with meningitis.

    Call it Viral! DAISI JO UNLEASHED is an ad free premium rant site exhibited in an unedited diary of uncensored opinions, incomplete thoughts and very necessary rambling about life, hacks, business, leadership, relationships, haters, bad media and of course all of the good things in life.

    THE MODEL PROFESSOR is a digital brand that aims to teach the modern trade business of modeling and at the same time help people improve their personal development skills.

    MENINGITIS NEWS is a news broadcast that delivers up to date information on meningitis that appears in media related to outbreaks, vaccinations, medical conditions and other important subjects related to meningitis. The channel aims to disseminate news and information about meningitis.

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    Living Jamerican

    Documenting life as a Jamaican-American, Daisi Pollard Sepulveda explores the lives and events of Jamaican and Caribbean communities who reside in Los Angeles in the documentary series, LIVING JAMERICAN.

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